Medieval village in High-Auvergne

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For a best visit, ask for the handbook " En parcourant Pleaux " that which can be found in the Lac’s bookstore or in the tourist office. This handbook begins by a page of history then links to a guided tour. Few houses have plenty of character ( house Malley, Dapeyron, Naudet), several are manorial (the castle of Lignerac, the Luguet, the castle of the Doignon) and adorned of a turret, roofs are covered with lauze (lava tile).

Castle of Luguet

  • House of the New Sculpture, place of Empeyssines. Tel.:
  • Church of Pleaux, religious art exhibition all the year. A handbook - guide describes the church as well as objects exposed.
  • Medieval feast, end May, in Pleaux.
  • Festival of the Xaintrie, 1st fifteen of August, in Pleaux.
  • Fair to the second-hand trade and to antiquities, mid - August, in Pleaux.
  • Fairs, 13th and 27th of each month, in Pleaux.
  • Country markets in season, Friday from 19pm to 23pm and the morning Saturday.
  • Apiaries of Enchanet, visit on appointment. Tel.:
  • Farmer products. Visit and sale to the farm. Thérèse Sevestre, in Fages, Loupiac. Tel.:


  • Contests of fishing, end September - early October, in Arnac. Tel.:

  • Pilgrimage of Notre-Dame du Château, mid - August, in Saint - Christophe les Gorges, pilgrims come to venerate there a Virgin black to the child, brought probably from Holy Land, by Raoul of Scorailles (1098).

  • Pilgrimage of Notre-Dame des Miracles, mid - May, in Mauriac.

  • Medical pilgrimage beside relics of Saint - Côme and Saint - Damien (owner of physicians), end June, in Brageac.

  • Pilgrimage of Enchanet, in the chapel, the miraculous statue of Notre - Dame de la Guérison (17th c.) that was found, according to the legend, in the cavity of a great rock overlooking the river Maronne, makes the object of a pilgrimage the 8th September.

  • Feast of the Plantade and the local handicrafts, mid - July, in Escorailles.

  • Feasts of the bread, end July to Chaussenac, beginning August in Loupiac and mid - August in Escorailles.

Old bee-skep


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