Medieval village in High-Auvergne

Guided tour

Former girls’ school, current primary school.

One of the old houses of the place, so-called "Lacroix’s" belonged to the duke of Caylus who sold it the 15th October 1785 to Pierre Drulhes, surgeon master in Pleaux.

Monuments that are former manorial house and fortification part are: the old post office, the Luguet and the hospice.

Our old post office had succeeded to boys’school in an ancient castle of Lignerac, flanked a round tower with loopholes and very beautiful ogee windows; above the north door, arms have been destroyed.

The Luguet, ancient manor, is an important construction that presents to west a square pavilion and on the other face a round tower; sculpted openings are beautiful; there also, a blazon has been scratched. On the photograph at right, the hospice.


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