Medieval village in High-Auvergne

Fortified Castles, Romanes Churches & Nice places

Fortified Castles

The region is strewn with fortified castles, many have been reduced to a dungeon or ruins more or less stately that have defied centuries. The booklet of Olivier Bedeau « Châteaux entre Dordogne et Puy Mary » proposes several trips to discover them. These who want to know some more will have to look for the book of Doctor Ribier, « Gentihommières et châteaux de la prévôté de Mauriac ».

  • Castle of La Vigne, built in 1540 by Louis of Scorailles, the castle of La Vigne is composed of two crenelated towers, flanking to the north a rectangular building with wall walk and a large squared tower. Guided tours from 15th June to 15th September at 14pm to 19pm. Tel.:

Castle of Rilhac-Xaintrie

Ladies that often admire yourself,
In this mirror admire you have to,
And if common sense you don’t lack,
Your beauty despises;
Ladies that often admire yourself.

Romanes Churches

The book « Eglises romanes de Haute-Auvergne » of Rochemonteix gives precious information on our romanes churches.

Nice places

These are peaceful places for relaxation and daydreaming, for those that take the time to breathe this atmosphere of melancholy and to listen the echo of the sounds that reverberate in the solitary depth gorge, unforgettable moments . ..

... in gold of autumn leaves our Estourocs,
rocks that the ivy scallop,
Bridge, coaching inn, enchantment of the vale ...

  • Chapelle Notre-Dame du Château, at the foot of Saint Christophe les Gorges, in a loop of the Maronne, the chapel is situated alongside a small shady esplanade giving to the site a certain charm.


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