Yadex mailing lists

There are two mailing lists for Yadex :

Who gives a toss about netiquette ?

The list admins do.

Archives Check the archives first.
Trim your quotes When following up to the list, quote only the relevant parts of the original message.
Top-posting Don't.
Replying Make sure your mailer handles threading properly. When a you reply to a post, your reply should have In-Reply-To: and/or References: headers mentioning the message ID of the post you are replying to. Mailers normally generate those automatically. If your emails lack them, get a better mailer because you are breaking threading for everyone else on the list.
New thread To start a new thread, use the "new mail" function. Do not reply to a random post and change the subject. The In-Reply-To: and/or References: headers will be there and make your post appear to be part of the old thread.
Line length Limit yourself to 72 characters per line.

Did we mention that it's not okay to top-post ?

Why don't my posts show up ?

The list is closed, meaning that only subscribers can post. Posts from non-subscribers are automatically forwarded to the admins for approval. Unfortunately, these days, most of the non-subscriber posts are in fact spam. If your post gets no reply, it may be because it went unnoticed amongst all the spam.

Also, the list server drops anything that looks like HTML.

I have too much money

The mailing lists are hosted by Freelists. Freelists is a free service, but they have to pay the bills. You can help.

This is http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/yadex/lists.html (AYM 2008-10-25)